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Chronic Pain Management

Assessment and treatment of individuals with a variety of complex pain disorders such as: 

Cervical and Lumbar Spine Injuries

Migraine and Motor Tension Headaches


“Phantom Limb” Pain

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Post-Herpetic Neuralgia


Services include: comprehensive assessment and management of chronic pain disorders:

Assessments include: a structured pain interview and evaluation of:

Depression and Anxiety

Coping Styles

Pain Coping Skills

Secondary Gain Issues

Symptom Magnification


Treatment for Chronic Pain management includes training in a comprehensive program for stress and pain management, with a focus on the role of stress in exacerbating and maintaining chronic pain and the importance of tailoring one’s coping strategies to “fit” the specific types of stress one is facing. This includes intensive training in chronic pain mechanisms and and non-pharmacologic pain management skills, including: 

Stress Management Skills

Cognitive-Behavioral Pain Coping Techniques

Active and Passive Muscle Relaxation

Relaxation Response

Guided Visual Imagery

Marital Adjustment Therapy

EMG Biofeedback



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